Photo by Nelson Cloud

Oh hey there,

My name is Jessica, but everyone calls me Jessii (and they spell it any way they want). I like being outside and listening to the same song on repeat during hikes. I was born in Ottawa, ON but grew up in Newbrunswick and Alberta. It wasn’t until 2012, when I went to Algonquin College that I got a chance to explore my place of birth! I took the One Year Introduction to Fine Art to get more experience with different mediums and to learn about the art industry. I have been making art since I was very young. A big moment was when I got a Minnie Mouse chap stick and a white board; I did my best to sketch Minnie, and with much success (according to my family), I drew her again and again…probably 100 times. I was always fascinated with the way an artist can take visual information and recreate it in their own perspective. As a kid, I would get really close to paintings and observe every detail. I would think, ‘I want to figure out how they did that.’

(oops…I talk a lot….in real life and on the internet haha)

So, here’s where music comes in. I’ve had panic attacks/a lot of anxiety my whole life, as many humans do. But I didn’t know what it was and I thought it was just the way life was until it got much much worse in the months leading up to college. Change can be scary. It got to a very bad point and I needed something to help me out. So I bought a guitar and I learned how to sing and play in only 2 weeks. (I took piano lessons as a kid, so I’m sure this helped the process go faster for me). I spent 3 hours each day playing and it gave me something to focus on instead of my body/the universe/a thousand things going through my brain. Soon enough, I was busking on the street and then getting little bar gigs.

About a year ago, I decided to start taking my ‘hobbies’ a little more seriously and I put up this site. I also looked online at how to use social media (I’m still learning). The support you’ve given me has been so encouraging and motivating! I’ve been able to work and live as an artist, musician, and art instructor because of that one print you bought, or a commission you made monthly payments to. Everything counts and it has enhanced my life so much. I didn’t know that I could feel so happy, and all I want to do is give that to other people.

I’m writing my first EP, and quite honestly, I have enough songs to make two albums, but I’m aiming for 100 songs. Every time I write something, I learn so much. I want to put out an EP that is both meaningful and represents the best of my work so far. I can’t wait to show you everything I’ve been working on! (Also, I’m making some instrumental songs you can listen to while you study)

I’m always down for collaborations or doing album art for other artists too. And if you’ve made it this far in my introduction, great job. you rock. love you. If you ever want to get in touch with me about a commission, original piece, etc, just send me an email: jessiitheartist@gmail.com