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About jessii:

Jessica Martin (jessii the artist) is a 25-year-old, Canadian artist and musician currently based in Miramichi, NB. She graduated from the Introduction to Fine Arts program at Algonquin College in 2013 and has been studying her craft independently for over 9 years. In college, she discovered that she had synesthesia; a neurological condition in which different senses are blended. In 2018, she began performing her original music in venues and brought her artwork into the mix. She has displayed art and performed in galleries and venues across Canada. Her artwork is owned nationally and internationally.


‘Music and art have always gone hand-in-hand for me because of my synesthesia. After many years of making realistic art for commissions, I decided it was time to create something entirely new. My current objective is to explore and investigate why visual arts and music can have positive effects on mental health in communities, while expanding my creative performances to generate more dialog around this topic.

As the world is currently facing an anxiety epidemic and as someone who has always existed with it, I believe it is important for people to feel that they can be themselves completely and that they are not alone. Through my creative performances, artwork and lessons, I want to continue creating these safe spaces for people. My work is constantly evolving, and I find inspiration through connecting with other artists and nature.’ 


One Year Introduction to Fine Arts Program at Algonquin college – 2013

Professional Experience:

Art Instructor - 2017 to 2019

The Estey Art Initiative 

- Teaching 10 art lessons per semester to grades 3-5 in various schools

- Show students different techniques with watercolors, acrylic paint, colored pencil, oil pastel, pens, copic markers 

Artist (Freelance) - 2010 to present


- Studying techniques independently in acrylic painting, colored pencil, watercolours, charcoal, ink and mixed media works

- Creating commissions for various clients nationally and internationally

- Teaching private lessons in my studio and hosting workshops in different venues

- Performing my original songs in music venues across Canada and featuring my original artwork


Visual Art Exhibitions/Group shows: 

Feb. 2019: Pre-Shrunk 2019, group show, Argyle Fine Art, Halifax, NS

2018:  Pop-Up Art Show, solo exhibition, The Art House Café, Ottawa, ON

2016:  Split Atoms, group exhibition, Atomic Rooster, Ottawa, ON

2013:  Spectrum, group hibition, Algonquin College, Ottawa, ON

2012:  Algonquin College Students Art Show, group exhibition, The Mud Oven, Ottawa, ON

2011:  Art’s Alive Students Art Show, group exhibition, SAAG, Lethbridge, AB


Performances (Visual arts and music): 

Mar. 2019: 6 Songs, 6 Strings & Me, opening for Wade Hallihan, Folklore Park Inc, Renous, NB

Feb. 2019: A Random Night of Kindness, performance with group for benefit, The Vogue, Miramichi, NB

Dec. 2018: Solo performance, The Piping Plover Gastro Pub, Miramichi, NB

Oct. 2018: Live Feed Festival, solo performance and live painting, Chatham Pioneer Senior Citizens’s Club, Miramichi, NB

Aug. 2018: Miramichi Aritst Studio Tour, group event, Miramichi, NB

Jun. 2018: Pop-Up Art Show, solo performance and live painting, Mill Cove Coffee, Miramichi, NB

Mar. 2018: Breach House Anthology, performance with local poets, Miramichi, NB

Mar. 2018: Pop-Up Art Show, solo performance, The Art House Café, Ottawa, ON

Feb. 2018: Paint with Jessii, solo performance/lesson, Creative Grounds Café, Miramichi, NB

Feb. 2018: Save The Best For Last, performance with Christopher Guindon, Creative Grounds Café, Miramichi, NB

Sep. 2016: Folksong Festival, solo performance and vendor, Miramichi, NB



2011:  Lethbridge Collegiate Institute, AB, Canada          



-Youtube an outlet for Miramichi musician and visual artist, Interview with host Vanessa Vander Valk, CBC NB Shift, Jan. 16, 2019,

Photo by Nelson Cloud